Option combinations entail php 5.2.13 errors

I reported Cs-cart on July 12 for “Can’t update some product code or qty inside the option combinations when more 6 combinations.” CS-cart support made some code changes in the “product_options.php” file located in the “controllers/admin” directory, but we found a new bug for this update when we entered less 6 combinations of new products.:frowning:

It have past 1 weeks. I only got this response," This is a difficult bug because it entails errors in the PHP system. Now we are waiting for the response from the PHP support team while our engineers are looking for any workaround of this situation. Unfortunately, it is required to change most part of the code…"

Cs-cart 2.0.15 option combination entry works well with php 5.2.9, but it had option combination entry or update problems with php 5.2.13.

Anyone met this problem or have better solutions for it. Need your helps!!!

Any hopes for CS-cart v2.1 to solve this problem?

After this long wait, Just tried myself. I solved this bug by myself after 2 hours research today. It was causes by some combination_hash numbers which are treated as negative array indexs by PHP. Maybe the combination_hash integer is over PHP 32-bit integer limit range and PHP treated it as negative…lol

I treated the combination_hash key of $_REQUEST[‘inventory’] as String variable, directly sent it with db_query as string parameter, then solved my problem.