Optimum VPS configuration for cscart


i just moved 1 of my cscart sites to a vps

i am new to vps management and i am trying to find what to do to get the optimum performance for cscart.

the vps will only be used for cscart

Any suggestions?

quick update :

if anyone is professional on setting vps for cscart please pm me.

Is your VPS managed or unmanaged?

the VPS is managed

[quote name=‘pvein’]the VPS is managed[/quote]

Then your hosting provider should configure the server as below:

  • PHP version 5.1 or greater
  • MySQL version 4.1 or greater
  • mod_security module for Apache is disabled
  • safe_mod disabled
  • GD library installed with FreeType
  • cURL support enabled
  • file_uploads enabled;

  • .htaccess file should have the following directives allowed:

    DirectoryIndex, Deny, Allow, Options, Order, AddHandler, RewriteEngine, RewriteBase, RewriteCond and RewriteRule

thanks for the reply,

any other tweaks in order to improve perfomance?

[quote name=‘pvein’]thanks for the reply,

any other tweaks in order to improve performance?[/QUOTE]

Turn on Gzip and install smartoptimizer. This will make a difference of night and day and installation should take no more then 5 minutes.

First check here [url]http://www.gidnetwork.com/tools/gzip-test.php[/url] if your site is already using gzip or not.

Also, for the fun of it, check your site here [url]http://gtmetrix.com/[/url] and see how it gets rated. Remember this.

If gzip is not running yet see this great thread by the magnificant Lee Li Pop (aka as the speedmeister): [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=20534[/url]

After you have done that install smartoptimizer.

Please see [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=14032[/url] and the comments by kogi or nicebuilder (both describe how to install it)

To prove that it works :

  • First have a look yourself, you will probably notice it immediately and smartoptimizer will load some data into it’s cache.

  • Check your site with [url]http://gtmetrix.com/[/url] again and SMILE!

    Good luck and enjoy your new superfast site!

    P.S. If you tweak even more you can get an extra 5% or so but smartoptimizer is really the most important.

    And even if you can’t enable gzip, just use smartoptimizer alone.

Hello Flow,

[quote name=‘Flow’]

If not see this great thread by the magnificant Lee Li Pop (aka as the speedmeister): [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=20534[/url][/QUOTE]

Thank you for your kind words, however, I am NOT the speedmeister. Cwpeter is the real speedmeister:


Unfortunately, he doesn’t give his tricks :frowning:

Lee Li Pop

I goty an email claryfing some things about how to install smartoptimizer. Just thought I'd put it here for others to read.

First install smartoptimizer (just copy the contents of the zip to the root folder of your cs-cart installation).

Take your original .htaccess file (in the main directory of your shop!) and paste this code ABOVE (on top of) the current content. Save the file.

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault "access plus 10 years"

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*\.(js|css))$ smartoptimizer/?$1

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f
RewriteRule ^(.*\.(js|css|html?|xml|txt))$ smartoptimizer/?$1

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f
RewriteRule ^(.*\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png|swf|css|js|html?|xml|txt|ico))$ smartoptimizer/?$1

FileETag none

That should be it. Check if your shop is working or not. You might have to refresh a couple of times.

If it is NOT working, don't panic. Go inside the smartoptimizer folder and delete the .htaccess file that's in there, or rename it to something else.

Now try again… you site should already be faster but this will increase when it's been fully loaded once. Just check https://developers.google.com/pagespeed/ or gtmetrix.com for the result.

Now if you ever change some CSS files or something, sometimes you won't see the difference. This is because the old content is still being cached by SO. In order to clear it, go into smartoptimizer/cache/ and just erase all the files in there. It will build up new cache this way.

Also, when editing your site, it's a good habit to do this with a browser that does not cache. I have a browser that simply has cache turned of, which I only use when I'm editing websites. Alternatively you could just clean your browsers cache after you made changes but you don't see the changes.

So… there are 3 ways your site is being cached:

  1. By cs-cart. To clear it type yourdomain.com → ALWAYS do this after editing a template file.

  2. By Smartoptimizer. To clear it go into smartoptimizer/cache/ and just erase all the files in there.

  3. Locally, by your browser. Clearing is usually being done in options. If you can't find it just google “how to clear XXX browsers cache”

    Good luck!!


+1 for Lee Li Pop, without her knowledge and contribution CS-Cart would not be the same (not to mention other awesome members).