Open Vendor/store Url In New Tab Or Window

Good morning,

Trying to figure out how to get Vendor links to open in new tabs or windows. When a vendor store is viewed with the vendor contract info, if the contact info contains an external URL we want to open the URL in a new tab or window.

Tried modifying design/themes/vivashop/templates/views/companies/view.tpl to include the target="_blank":


Does not work and wondering if I have syntax wrong or if there is another location I should modify. Any help would be appreciated. Done extensive searching and haven't been able to find a solution.



Your modification should work. Did you clear the template cache (?ctpl) after you made your change?

Yes, it appeared to work once but then did not on subsequent tries so cannot get a consistent result. Not sure if there is another location which resets or overrides it.

OK, figured it out. URL being displayed was from Product Features so by inserting the " target="_blank" into design/themes/vivashop/templates/views/jproduct_features/view.tpl it works.