Open Tender - Mod Required

Afternoon All,

I’m in need of a modification that will perform the following changes for both invoicing and stock control. Effectively we’re going to be selling scientific components online to reduce fax ordering which is both problematic and time consuming.

What I need:

  1. A base model is presented to the customer. (Product Code : P900)
  2. Customer selects a product option (dropdown) between “Coded and Uncoded” (“Uncoded” being default)
  3. Customer chooses a Pin formation “4 OR 9 OR 12” (“4” being default")


    If the customer choosesCoded” and 9for P900 the Product code refreshes to: P900C-9

    If the customer chooses “Uncoded” and “4” for P900 the Product Code refreshes to: P900 (no change)

    If the customer chooses “Coded” and “12” for P900 the Product Code refreshes to: P900C-12.

    Invoicing / Cart will show the respective product codes this is extremely important.

    Those who believe they’re able to code this mod before the end of January 2007 or earlier would be provided first preference.

    Item is expected to be used for 1.3.5 Sp2 ~ Upgrades on the original code of subsequent cs-cart upgrades will be paid for.

    License details:

    The source code will be freely editable and not encoded with trackbacks.

    The coding itself is going to be used strictly for in-house development and will not be resold by KnoxIT (Me) as a separate modification. Should the modification be intended to be resold immediately after development a respectful 1 month lead up/notice would be appreciated.

    Those who are interested can contact me via PM / Email / Skype via the following email address jesse[COLOR=Red[/COLOR]] [(!)=@]

    Payment Details

    Payment via paypal is available and preferred. 50% up-front 50% on completion.

    I’m able to work/provide feedback on the same hour so don’t think you’ll have to put up with 2-5 days turnaround time trying to get info from me.