Open Order

I use aim as the payment gateway, I been receiving orders for quite a while now and if the order goes through it is marked as processed, if it’s declined it is marked as declined. One order this morning was marked as Open and there credit card information was displayed in the admin backend, when I have all order statuses set to remove cc info.

Does anyone have a idea on what caused this to happen?

I haven’t had a open order since I opened my site.

Any help would be appreciated.

I get them all the time with Paypal.

The only response you should get from Authorize net is either processed or declined if the order have gone through Authorize net system, but if the order did not go through for some reason then it would go in the open status. It could be Authorize net was down or something in that nature. You can try to resubmit the order again and see what happens. Also if you have the Anti Fraud Addon turned on and the score is higher than what was defined then also it would send the order into open status as well, in this case if you decide to process the order then you would enter it manually at Authorize net. This happened to me few times .

Hope this helps

I get them to. But every time a order was open the customer have actually paid for the order. I have heard its because the customer comes back and completes checkout at a later time.

I double checked in and indeed the order was paid for so i went ahead and sent out the items