Open menu link in new tab (target="_blank")

Hello cs carters,

I was just wondering if there is an easy solution for opening a menu link in a new tab? I read some other posts, but nothing of what I read works.

Any help is welcome.


You can target attribute to the Menu template.

i.e., if you want to add categories menu items to be opened on a New Tab, then proceed to the following steps.

Please open up root/skins//customer/blockstomenu_dropdown.tpl file. And add the target attribute to the levels(1,23…) of tags.

target=“_blank” {/if}{if $item1.$childs} class=“drop”{/if}>{$item1.$name}

I've set a custom class for the menu element and add some code to your scripts.tpl

Custom menu element class: targetblank

$('.targetblank a').attr('target','_blank');