Open GraphQL to developers

Hello CS-Cart,

I’ve been trying for a time now to get some documentation in regard to the GraphQL in order to use it for some headless solutions and extra functionalities for my marketplace, so far without a success :slight_smile:

Can you please let me know if you have any plans to release it for the developers and community ?

You do not consider that can be very benefic for the developers, community and you (CS-Cart) for headless solutions to become more accessible for store owners?

Thank you


Currently there are no plans to make any public documentation for the GraphQL add-on, since it is inteded for our mobile application that we offer to our customers.

As for the headless solution, currently we can offer the separate product, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Enterprise.

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Thank you for your answer.

Looking forward to see a demo of Laravel solution + headless frontend :clap:

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