Oops error going to commit suicide

HI guys this topic has to be resolved before I commit suicide.

Firstly I want to purchase CS-CART Pro so I installed the trial version 2.2.4 on my local PC using wamp.

The idea was to build my site on my local host before leaping into hosting and purchasing the full version, I built my sit and everything worked perfect, I then decided to purchase hosting and upload my new site to the server and then purchase a licence. All went well tested the site and worked fine, until I tried to add products to products of the day and featured products from the blocks section in the home page, I got the dreaded pink banner Error Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again.

I asked my hosting company to put the mod_security for my domain on the whitelist, this did nothing, there are no signs of errors in the error log, I turned off my own router firewall, still the same error.

The next step was to install a fresh copy of CS-CART but this time I installed the free version community version, still the sane error from these same tabs.

I then decided to waste more money and purchase a new hosting from another company, I did just that and installed a fresh copy of CS-CART, guess what the same god damned error.

Ok I then contacted my web service provider, we changed security permissions in my router, I started my computer in safe mode with network access and logged into my admin, design, blocks, homepage then products of the day add products, outcome was Error Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again.

My internet provider logged into my admin and got the same error.

I have eliminated everything I can possibly think of.

There must be someone with a solution out there, please help.


Maybe this helps? [url=“cs-cart Oops, something went wrong (error) - Google Search”]cs-cart Oops, something went wrong (error) - Google Search

I have been searching Google for over a week and still have no clue what it is, but thanks for your help.

Could it be something simple like the .htaccess file, how is this set up becouse there is not much in mine maybe some one can give me a htaccess example.


So you read all this? There are several solutions posted: http://forum.cs-cart…ease-try-again/

Maybe you can email cs-cart to have a look… it might cost you some support points but they'll probably be able to fix it.

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