Only Index Page Is Displaying

I’ve been working on the new cs 4.2.1/2 on my development computer, but I’ve now run into some dramas getting it to work on my live server.

I’ve installed to a sub-domain, and still have the previous v3 running on the main domain on the same server.

Running Centos 6.5, apache 2.2.15, PHP 5.3.3, and MySQL 5.1.73.

On the development (windows) computer is was working fine. Initially had some dramas with incorrect permissions set when going live (change config.local.php to 666, app/images/var set to 777).

The site sort of works. Mostly displays correctly for the index page, but no other pages seem to work.

if the page is Welcome - or Welcome - they do not work. If I disable the SEO addon i can get to other pages. I tried reable but it refused and give an error (I had to hack the settings file/directory for the SEO addon).

mod_rewrite is enabled in the httpd.conf file, and as mentioned v3 is working. So not such what the heck is going on. On my dev box i’m running apache 2.2.4, mysql 5.6.17 and PHP 5.5.12, so not sure if that is the issue. Any hints???

*** update.

Installed fresh 4.2.1 and have the same problem. So looks like a server configuration issue, but what???

What versions of Apache / PHP / MySQL are people running? (thanks in advance!!!)

*** update: ran with PHP 5.5.15 and MySQL 5.5.39. Still no joy!

check the storefront urls in your cscart_companies table.

Make sure that the RewriteBase setting is correct in the .htaccess file

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Make sure that the RewriteBase setting is correct in the .htaccess file


Yes, RewriteBase set, and store fronts set.

Problem fixed, it was an apache setting. Changed to:

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

AllowOverride All

Order allow,deny

Allow from all