Only allow customers to write testimonials

Hello community,

is there an admin panel setting to disable non-customers to write testimonials? Actually even guests have the possibility to write testimonials about our service or products, even they don’t know us or bought something.

After my opinion, this doesn’t hit the sense of a testimonial, isn’t it?

So is there a setting to disable special usergroups to write a testimonial? Can’t find such an option.

Thanks in advance.

There is the “Post approval” setting which may help you. The more details can be found here: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Ah, there it is hidden, thanks :slight_smile:

Actually it is set to “any customers” … but I guess it means “any registered members” … right?

“Any customer” variant means that the administrator should approve posts from any store visitor - whether he/she is registered or not.

maybe he ask if there such an option to ‘ONLY’ allow registered member to give testimonial/review.