Only 100 Combinations Built When I Rebuild Combinations

I have two options: size and color. Size has 22 variants and color has 9 variants. I see that I only have 100 combinations. I click the “Rebuild Combinations” link, and again end up with 100 combinations. It seems that CS-Cart is simply stopping the process after it reaches 100 combinations.

I’ve googled, searched these forums and looked through the cart settings to see if I can find something about this. Can anyone help me?

We hit the max limit (I do not recall if it was 100) on our site also. We never found a work around for it. We were forced to simplify our products options.

For sites that use a lot of options, the way product options are created and used in Cs-cart is one of its biggest flaws and unfortunately version 4 didn't make any improvements on this.

Thanks for the quick response. We can't simplify options and would have to abandon CS-Cart if there is no solution. I've looked through the code in the core and can't find anything that would limit the number of combinations. Oddly, I've rebuilt combinations again and it has worked, generating all 198 combinations!

I don't know what happened before when it wasn't creating all combinations, but I'm going to keep looking into this and will post back if I learn anything.

Just curious:

What are you selling that has 22 sizes in 9 different colors that can't be broken down into multiple products?

Surely you want to assign unique product ids to each of these products for inventory control, correct?

Why the insistence on ONE product with 198 variations?

Aren't you concerned about the overhead on your mySQL server that such a product's query will require, or the performance of the store / user experience?

even if you go with a product that has 20 colors available and w just 7 size choices XS-3XL you still have 210 combinations. This is a normal listing for an apparel site. plus you then need to add the Petite and Tall sizes, apparel sites need this customers want to see these options on the same page.

sorry I meant 140 combinations I was going with 30 colors at first which we do have

Have you checked PHP error log to see if you're hitting a memory or execution time limit?

Not sure why we were having this problem, but it quit happening and has never happened again. We have a product with just under 1000 combinations and this is no trouble. So we don't have to page through all the combinations, I went into Settings->Appearance and changed the “Elements per Page” from 100 to 1500.

Other than that, not sure what the issue was!

Thanks for the all the help.