Online Ticket Purchasing

I’m already using CS-Cart for an online shop, and my client just asked about being able to sell event tickets also. I didn’t see anything on the site or forums about this being possible, but I thought I’d throw it out there to see if anyone had an idea.

I know their are other alternatives, but I really want someone to be able to buy a product and a ticket.


Tickets are products too. Do you mean e-tickets or the physical ones?

Yes, e-Tickets. I was hoping for some bar coding and control over the number of tickets available, and also to make the ticket printable.

I suppose with some tinkering, you could use inventory control features, some custom alerts, and a printable PDF for the ticket. Not sure how I could implement a barcode automatically…

It is possible to hack downloadable products class that would output PDF with a custom bar code. However, it is not built in…

But, it would not be a difficult modification.

Interesting. That might just be worth it.

Thanks for the input.

Anyone else out there ever used CS Cart for ticketing?