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Check your PM

Hey, If I were you, I would change those prices into Rupees instead of dollars. Because like you said, only Indian customers could buy on your site.

Looking at a consumer point of view, its like saying, “I am money in Rupees and have to spend in dollars>” Do you know what i mean.

As far as I know, being desi, a mind of an Indian person (desi bheja) works differently. You might want to change that $ sign into Rs. and the prices according to Indian currency.

Well, thats just my opinion. :smiley: Good luck with your business.

Edited: And by the way, you might wanna do something with that flash ad thats overlapping the sub-categories.

Thanks for advice, it is not a desi problem, the problem is there is no mods who convert the price on Rupees and there is no transaction which accept Rupees. Also i have removed that flash from the website.

If you know the mods or transaction please reply. :cool:

Also one think that we are not selling only in India, International customer can also buy our product but they have to contact me before buy any product so i will give the discount to him, These prices are only for Indian customers, International customers prices are different.

hasn’t the dollar been falling recently? it went from 45 rupees to 39

so what do you have to do watch the exchange rate all the time?

where in India are you?

are prices for international customers less or more?

Yes, you have to check the exchange daily. International prices are different . If you need any software price or buy please contact us at