One time fees?

I would like to add embroidery charges to some products. I need to set up a one-time fee for digitizing (creating the artwork). The fee would be a flat rate per customer, usually $20. So the first order it would be charged and any reorders would not. I created a global option but it is being used as a multiplier so a hat that should be $10 is now $30 and if they ordered 10 it shows $300 total where it should be $120.

I need to find a solution create an option to add custom embroidery flat one time fee that gets added one to the total order.

the alt team have anaddon for this that they did a while back get in touch with them to see if it can be changed for v3


I was looking for something similar as well. If anyone has ideas or finds a solution, please post.

found it…was for v 2.24 though