One time charge for options?

I am using v3 Ultimate

Is there a way to have an option only be charged once for a product. What I mean is if someone orders a qty of 20 of a certain product the cart also charges them for 20 selected options. What I have is an option that is a single price no matter what the qty of products are chosen.

The option I am trying to setup is a $8 fee for a customer to order a proof before we send the item to the printer. But if someone orders 200 products they are also charged for 200 proofs.

I thought of using the Product Configurator or Buy Together addon instead of an Option, but their qty is also tied to the main product qty.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?



you could try for this product the required products, and bundle this product with a product called proof that is hidden in order to avoid buying it alone.


Some changes are needed to files but here it is, this allows an EXPRESS option to be charged 1 time only, a great thing for people who charge set up charges for custom artwork etc. Was designed for 2.24

In the options page once installed it will give you the choice to select Express option, this will then only charge for that option one time. Could be used for anything, gift wrapping, name tags etc etc

Thanks to alt team for creating this



express admin.JPG


ok John

thanks for that, I will also give it a try.


Thanks, I will look into your mod. We are using v3 so I am not sure what has been changed. I was hoping v3 would have this out of the box.

I know my client is very upset with v3. We are currently using v1.3.5. We skipped going to v2. She has been evaluating v3 and says it looks mostly cosmetic. No new real eCommerce functionality has been added since v1.3.5. I have to agree with my client :(

I have few option related mods and they seem to work with v 3 , But I see your point though.


Version 3 is actually a big bug fix. There's many things that where fixed through this version.

I would go with v224 by all means for now as I am no early adapter on live stores. I have enough requests the way it is, don't want to bring more work on me…

But testing is a whole other game!



Unfortunately your addon modifies the core functionality of some cs-cart files and is not compatible with v3.

Any other suggestions on how this functionality can be implemented?

I still cannot believe this feature is not available out of the box in v3.