One Checkout From Multiple Storefronts

Does anyone know if it is possible to allow one checkout, but with products from multiple store fronts.

Example: (Main CS Cart Store) (add-on store)

I know we can share products between the stores, but if I add one “shared” product in, then cross into, then checkout. The products are not obviously in the same cart.

“Multi-vendor” is not the route anyone wants to take… because we are not trying to do an style approach… nor are they managing vendors since they are the vendor.

Thoughts? We have programmers on staff … but wanted to ask the community first if anyone has done this?


Carts are stored in the SESSION. When you change domains, you get a new session _id. Hence, the carts are not shared. They are stored in the DB so theoretically it would be possible to combine them if the users login (either shared login across the stores or individually into each store). Your developers would then look up any stored carts for the user in the other company and then include those items in a new (or add to existing) cart. Could be a bit tricky, but doable with a bit of experimentation.

Not sure if something simple like a hook for “add to cart” and using company_id = 0 for storage and then in fetching the cart look for company_id == runtime.company_id OR company_id == 0… Something for your programmers to work out.

Thanks for the reply. The session issue makes sense because not everyone wants to run their carts this way… the store within a store concept et al ad infinitum.

We've actually written it so when you add products, it adds them to both carts and keeps it in sync, sort of like how / does it for orders. I'll post it here once it goes live here in a few days.