One Account - Multiple Users?

Does anyone know of an add-on that would allow us to have one main account with several users that are able to log in with their own email address?

Something like a business account with multiple users...? Any ideas?

We failed to find such a module on the marketplace. Out of the box you can only have one account with different addresses

We can make this modification.

Contact our developers in case you need any assistance.

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Can also help you with this. Questions that would be good to have answered are:

+ Would these accounts only have a separate email address and all other profile data would be from the parent company? I.e. an auto-fill of profile info from a parent company to a unique account.

+ Who would link the 2 accounts? The customer, company or an admin?

+ Who would receive order notifications (and other notifications)? The user or the company?

A workflow describing the user-experience would be helpful in determining the requirements. The cost will depend on answers to the above.

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There had been another user interested in this:

I also would like to have something like that on one of the stores I manage. As I mentioned on that post, I work for a store that sells office supplies to companies, and some of this companies require that more than one user (email, password) can have access to the store, buy, receive order confirmation, ...

So, if anyone is planning to develop something on that subject, I'd be interested to share our thoughts and requirements.



If you guys want a quote for development, you need to send a list of requirements. You can do so via the link in my signature.

Without knowing your specific requirements, there is way too much variability to interpretation like I brought up in #4. I doubt anyone is going to produce this as a commercial addon. There would never be enough demand to recover development cost.

Thank you for the information it will be more useful for the undergraduate students too