On-site template edition with Admin/Vendor panel

I'm looking for some way to edit template of admin/vendor panel (cms). I know that I can block some fields using Privileges, but the problem is, that I don't want only to switch off this fields, but I want also to hide them for vendors or other admins.

I found this thread and probably it's the best way to do it

Hide fields on Vendor 'Add New Product' form - Multi-Vendor Edition - CS-Cart Community Forums

but the problem is the Template editor doesn't allow me to edit the template of cms, and additional problem is that i'm not good at programing so I can't recognize which template fits to which part of cms.

The easier way to do it would be On-site template editing, which in my 4.x.x edition doesn't work with CMS.

Now you know the problem, but the question is as follow - is it possible that I saw On-site Template in previous edition of cscart? It would be the easiest way for me to manage CMS with small coding skills.