On Sale Content Filling

It appears as though the new On Sale content filling option for v4 only applies to products that have a List Price greater than the Price.

It doesn’t take into account any Catalog Promotions.

I don’t use the List Price. List Price vs Price is NOT where a Sale should be implemented. Items on sale are identified via Catalog Promotions - where I can put an entire category with multiple products on sale at one time and set a date range for the Promotion.

The On Sale block gets included on the home page by default in the Responsive Theme, so as much as the new feature is a nice idea, it’s short-sighted, time-consuming, doesn’t actually list items on sale, and inadequate for my retail store. It appears to be another token gesture by CS-Cart that is not fully realized in its implementation. Either that or CS-Cart designers don’t really know what a List Price is in the world of retail sales.

Confirm this happens too for 4.1.x. I was also puzzled why my promotions are not listed by On Sale block, while more simpler price/price list differences are. Hope this is a bug, will report on bug tracker.

Any other affected by this? Or this “On sale” filling not really used by many?