On product hover show availability

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know if there is a plug in that can be installed and while the visitor places the cursor on a product a tooltip appear with the remaining inventory? To be precise I am talking about this one [url=“TillTwelve.com is for sale | HugeDomains”]TillTwelve.com is for sale | HugeDomains

On product hover it shows the remaining items in the inventory.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Mormolis!

As far as I know there is not a third-party ready-to-use add-on that can do it.

We have a little different add-on that shows how many items are left in stock. Please check it out [url=“CS-Cart "In stock/Out-of-stock alternative statuses" add-on”]http://www.alt-team.com/cs-cart-in-stock-out-of-stock-alternative-statuses-add-on.html[/url]. This add-on allows to show the inventory on a product details page below the price and set alternative text or images instead of the standard In stock or Out-of-stock line.

Best regards, Alt-team