Olark Live Help add-on

hey andy, is this addon free for cs cart users? Or do we get charged a monthly fee of $20 to use it?


[quote name=‘nbento’]You tell us theres no point in upgrading, but inside admin panel at olark I see the following:

Conversations: 0/20

This means that after 20 chats with customers we cant use it no more?[/QUOTE]

It means that you have a limit of 20 concurrent conversations.

[quote name=‘rock007’]hey andy, is this addon free for cs cart users? Or do we get charged a monthly fee of $20 to use it?


This add-on is free of charge. Just a small gift from the developers of CS-Cart.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I don’t know what you are referring to by a patch. I added the code to controllers/admin/index.php, uploaded the folders, found and installed Olark, added the code indicated by Olark upon registering, and still get the " /**/ ". I don’t see where I can acquire any patch.

Did I do something wrong or miss something ?[/COLOR]

See the post that has a “diff” listing. This is commonly referrred to as a patch. Lines that start with ‘+’ are added, lines with ‘-’ are deleted and other lines are left alone and are there for ‘context’.

Andy posted a “patch” in the 1st page of this thread to address the issue (I’m guessing, I don’t use this).

Just to clarify, the 0/20 at the top of the dashboard screen on the free account is the number of conversation you can freely initiate for the month. If you don't get a lot of live help traffic (and we generally do not) then this will probably be enough.

Concurrent conversation is a paid-only feature - each operator can have up to ten conversations open at once. However there is no monthly restriction.

With the expandability of the javascript API, it is possible to expose a great deal of information by expanding this plug in. For example, when a user is logged in you can use the API to have your registered contact name appear in your IM web visitor list. You could even extend the code to include recent order links to appear in the conversation, phone number on file, recent tracking numbers, etc. Any user information that can be mined once a user logs in can be passed to the conversation via the olark API.