Ok To Use Forward Slash In Product Code, Image Filename?

Can (forward) slash be used in a CS-Cart field value? A vendor has a strange SKU for a product which is of the form string1/string2. My convention for Product code is a code appended to the vendors SKU and my naming convention for images includes our Product code, so the slash in the vendors SKU will be in both these field values. Thanks for any insights.

Technically it should be allowed. Whether it is wise or not is a different question. The slashes will probably be escaped in URL's generated by the system, but it's going to be hard for external links to get it right and/or for someone to type it properly.

Thanks for reply. Sounds right. I'll just replace it with a dash. The correct vendor SKU does need to be available in some form as it is a drop shipped item, but at this point we are not automating the process and a human will actually have to place the order on the vendor's web site. So it works but a tad awkwardly.