Offered Hosting Space Optimized For Cs-Cart Use In Switserland

Dear members of this CS-Cart community

Current events, the decline of the purchasing power of the EURO and a change in direction of our companies core business leaves us with an problem of over capacity on our current dedicated linux server.

In plain English, I am looking for either a partner who wishes to share our burden of the lease of the server or a company that is looking for some space to host their CS-Cart webshop(s).

The current specs of our dedicated box are:

(Type: Supermicro SYS-6017R-NTF)

CPU: Intel Xeon Jaketown E5-2603

RAM: 16 GB DDR3 Registered 1333

Remote Management: Reboot / KVM over IP

Uplink Port Speeds: 1 Gbps Public & Private Networks

Public Bandwidth: 10 TB Bandwidth (17758)

Primary IPv4 Allocation: /29 IPv4 Allocation (5 Usable IP Address)

Secondary IPv4 Allocation: /29 IPv4 Allocation (5 Usable IP Address)

Tertiary IPv4 Allocation: No Third IPv4 Allocation

Quarternary IPv4 Allocation: No Fourth IPv4 Allocation

Primary IPv6 Allocation: /48 IPv6 Allocation (65,533 Usable Addresses)

Disk Controller: Non-Raid

First Hard Drive: 1.00TB SATA II Included

Second Hard Drive: 1.00TB SATA II (Included)

Third Hard Drive: No Third Hard Drive

Fourth Hard Drive: No Fourth Hard Drive

Network Attached Storage: No NAS


Virtualization Software: OpenVZ for Centos 6

Operating System: CentOS 6 (64 bit) (Recommended)

Control Panel Software: CPanel/WHM with Fantastico and RVskin for Linux

Database Software: No Database Software

Monitoring: Host Ping

Managed Support: Self Managed Server

VPN Access: 1 OPENVPN VPN User (Dynamic IP Address)

At the moment we have two OpenVZ containers, one 32 bit OS Centos 5 and another with 64 bit OS Centos 6.5.

On the Centos 6.5 OpenVZ container we run four CPanel accounts with WHMCS and two CS-Cart V4 webshops, one Wordpress knowledge base and one OpenCart shoppingcart

On the Centos 5 OpenVZ container we run just one CPanel account with one CS-Cart V4 webshop.

If you look at the specs you can see that we have room for more.

Please contact me for more information if you like to partner up or ar just interested on renting some space for your CS-Cart installation.

Kind regards