Odd problems after moving to VPS.

Hi all,

I’ve got some odd problems after moving to a VPS. In admin in about half of the pages so far I get a “You must login before you can access that resource.” popup and get kicked back to the login.

The site itself seems to work fine, I can add items to the cart but when I actually go to the cart the system says the cart is empty.

I did a search and found a thread referencing php and invalid/bad cookies but it was for 1.3 so I’m not sure it’s relevent.

Any ideas anyone.

What’s the site… maybe we can try it out to see if its just a local problem for you


OK, it might just be me. Could some of you just add random items to the cart and see if you can get to checkout? When I try it using IE8 on my computer everything seems fine until I select checkout, once I do that it tells me that my cart is empty. I’ve cleared everything in IE out about two dozen time and it still happens. I also get a wierd thing in admin under administration->settings, when I move the mouse over any options I get an access denied popup stating that I must login to access the item in question. Then, when I click something else it puts me to the login page. On the same computer using Firefox and on others using IE everything seems to work alright, including the admin pages.

I just want to see if anyone else get the checkout oddness I have seen. If it comes up OK I’ll reload my computer and chalk it up to another IE oddity. If other people see the odd behavior then I’ll look deeper.

The site is www.ladyserenas.us, thanks in advance!

Hi, I was trying to check it in FireFox and IE8 but the site won’t load in either browser.

Tried in Firefox and IE8 no problems with adding to cart or checkout, both showed https fine.

Thanks for checking! Glad to know it’s probably just me :)!

I’ve been having a minor issue with kmemsize in the VPS container that causes it to lock up. Not good but I’m having it looked at now. It looks like it’s related to my backup process. That’s probably why it wouldn’t load for you the first time you tried.