Odd installation issue - permissions?

We are unable to get CS-Cart to function correctly. We fear it may be permissions related and tried the installation settings, all folders to 755 and files to 644, and some custom attempts. The symptoms are:

  • In the payment method section of checkout, when you select phone or check, etc., the credit card info is still displayed (from the first checkout option)
  • Allows orders to be placed without required fields filled out or containing valid data
  • Popup notifications for successful orders cannot be hidden (nothing happens when clicking the X"
  • Adding an item to the cart doesn’t have a popup, it displays the info on the page

    I’ve submitted help tickets, but 3 days later I haven’t heard anything other than a request for an ftp account.

    Can anyone provide any insight on this? It’s located at [url]safelightstore.com and the host (not our choice) is simple1 running PHP as CGI.

If they asked you for the ftp info, give it to them.

They will login to your ftp account and check whats going on, and maybe fix it for you.