Odd bug issue with Recent orders after migration to new host!

Hi all

I have migrated my clients website with a CS-Cart shop V 2.5, to a new host. All seems ok but some of the recent orders that were processed and paid are now impossible to view in admin, as coming up with an error. Thing is it happens to half of them, recent and older, but not the rest (also recent and older).

Here is the error (minus my server string bit)

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c01/h15/core/fn.cart.php on line 1201


Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /nfs/c01/h15/var/cache/templates/admin/%%C6^C64^C64C7914%%new_shipment.tpl.php on line 22

Any ideas?

My workflow for the migration was:

  1. Extract the database.
  2. Download the entire site files and CS-Cart to my local drive.
  3. Set up the web space and domain to point to it.
  4. Upload all the site files inc CS-Cart that was downloaded from the old site.
  5. import the database tables and contents.
  6. Re-config the config.local file.

    Prior to any of this, I deleted the cash in admin using ?cc on the first admin page.

    Also checked all the folders for correct permissions.

    I am stuck! Any help would be great guys.

It could be down to a wide variety of things - one of which could be the PHP version that the server is running. Also you can try to turning off magic quotes in php.ini, further create a new DB backup on the old server and try to re-import it.

I posted a solution right here but realised I posted a duplicate so had the common courtesy to remove the duplicates.

Please, in future, think before you press the Post New Topic button. Posting multiple times in multiple sub-forums only limits the response you will get as well as only dilutes the search results for others experiencing the same problem who may come here looking for a solution.

Who knows, there might already be a solution elsewhere on the forum, but countless duplicate posts means the solution has been buried.

Sorry about multiple posts, my browser (Safari and Lion) seemed to do nothing on add post, hence the duplicates.

Please can someone post any fix for my problem. I have tried the magic quotes, no luck. Any more ideas?

I can't believe there are no others had this issue???

Hi All

I am still stuck with this problem!

I have tried installing on my new server from scratch a new install. Then imported the DB and uploaded the image files from the existing CS-Cart site.

However, I am still getting the error string in admin when looking at half the previous order records.

I have set permissions on the server folders correctly, cleared the cashe, even deleted the cashe files manually, but still the error.

Any ideas would be great pleaseā€¦ I am wondering if it is a bug?

BTW I am using 3.0.6 version. And I don't think it is my new server causing the issue, as I have 2 x CS-Cart sites on it for 12 months with no problems, though they are version 2.25.

I would suggest you contact the CS-Cart helpdesk so they can examine your server, etc. If you lodge the ticket now, hopefully they will be able to help you before you're awake on Monday morning (they are in Russia). Response times have been pretty good lately.