Occasional blacked out customers... Mystery?!

I hope someone can shed some light on this as it's baffling me.

We have over 3000 customers registered on our CSCart 2.1.4 website (they have to register a user account as the 'checkout as guest' option is disabled).

However, very occasionally a customer (approx. 1 in 300) will appear in black in the 'View Orders' admin – whilst all the others appear in blue 'hyperlinked' text.

It appears as if these few customers in black have somehow managed to check out as a guest even though this option is disabled. (There is no 'user' showing up for them in the Users/Customers tab.)

The mystery got a little thicker today - when a previous customer (who has placed 3 other orders), has now turned black on his latest order??!

This means that if I click on 'View All Orders' for his user name… only the 3 previous orders show up, the latest order isn't connected to his user account or the previous orders. This obviously can cause some problems and make searching for these customers and their orders difficult

I would really like to know if it is something odd that the customers are doing which can cause this, or if there is a bug somewhere.


My bet is a bug if you have the “Allow Anonymous Checkout” unchecked. The symptoms you describe would indicate the did not login before checkout. Be interesting to see what the user_id field is in each of the orders… Also be interesting to know what payment processor you're using. I've seen many bizzarre things that are basically not repeatable happen with different types of PayPal methods.

[left]We were using PayPal Website Payments Pro - but after many problems with incorrect 'Failed' reports causing multiple payments by customers… we have switched over to SagePay, so payments are handled off site completely… so hopefully this should avoid the bugs and stop us having to refund people who have paid up to 6 times (!) due to CSCart reporting payment failures when they have in fact been successful… PayPal Pro code issues[/left]