Numerous category sideboxes..??

I need to have numerous category sideboxes as seen on the website: [url]Nancy Meyer and I am not sure how to go about this in cart. I created some simple html code as follows, but I am not sure that is the way I want to go about it…I am worried it will cause issues. How would you guys go about this? I have a lot to learn about this side of cart! If I comment out categories, it wont affect this, would it? I dont know why it would. Thanks!

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I have done this a few times for some sites - it may not be the best solution or way to do it but it does work for me

I create categories via the admin for everything I will want

then I edit the menu_items.js file in the js_menu folder to not show the categories you want to have in other sideboxes

so if you create these 5 cats






and you want to use the standard category functionality to just show a and b - then adjust the file like this:

{foreach from=$items item=“category” name=“cats”}

{if ( ($category.category != ‘catc’) && ($category.category != ‘catd’) && ($category.category != ‘cate’) )}

[null, ‘{$category.category|escape:“javascript”}’, ‘{$index_script}?{$target_name}=categories&category_id={$category.category_id}’,‘_self’, null{if $category.subcategories}, {include file=“js_menu/menu_items.js” items=$category.subcategories}{/if}],



Therefore the c,d and e wont show up in the main cat display - you can then create a new sidebox to hold those 3 items and include that sidebox in your main.tpl - works like a charm for me

good luck

Thanks Delta, I will give it a try…I wasnt sure if there was a way to divide up the categories box and I was thinking of doing it along the same lines, but didnt know how to go about it…I will let you know how it works :slight_smile:


good luck

my main.tpl has this kind of layout added

{include file=“side_boxes/themes.tpl”}

{include file=“side_boxes/sizes.tpl”}

these templates are based on a standard sidebox that just has either html code for the links to the category ids or you can use the




for example

Alright, first issue, I do not have a menu_items.js file in my js_menu folder, the only thing I have is a CSS file. I should have probably mentioned (I always forget) that I am using the Default Blue template and v1.3.5-sp2…any suggestions?

Another problem with this method is that I need different side boxes on different pages…ugh, what a pain!


Sorry I thought I saw 1.34 somewhere in your post or profile - my mistake

Ok - so let’s start here - 1.3.5sp2 default blue customer skin - what type of category menu are you using?

Doh, you got me there, I didnt even know there were different types of categorie menus, where do I find that information at?


admininstration section right sidebox


Apperance text link

Customer setting there is a category menu style

which one you using?

okay, found it…I didnt even know that option was there…it is set for emenu.