Number Of Order Statuses - Limited To 24


We noticed that the system does not allow more than 24 order status(es) to be added.

These seem to be uniquely identified with uppercase alphabets from A,B,C.....V,W,X.

These do not even include Y and Z alphabets, which could at least allow up to 26 statuses.

Is everyone satisfied with this limit of 24 order statuses?

We find it a limiting factor, as a number of variations need to be categorized as unique order statuses - Because there do not seem to be other fields that could be used to create a "saved" advanced search to identify or categorize such order statuses.

Can the limit be increased somehow? Are there any other solutions or workarounds?


Pay attention to the following addon

Thanks a lot, ecomlabs.

Hoping to get it installed and running.

By the way, would anyone happen to know why cs-cart developers put a limitation on the number of statuses by default?

Pay attention to the following addon

I can assume that they think that the number of letters in the alphabet is enough