Nsurlerrordomain -1015


New trouble since this morning.

When trying to reach the frontstore of my shop, I obtain this error :

NSURLErrorDomain -1015

I had a look on the internet, it seems that navigators can't decode raw data. Gzip compression could be involved.

I don't know what to do.

I did not change htaccess and servers parameters dis not change….

I hope this is not an attack.

Please, could you confirm that in the last version of cscart the index?php's size is 5171 ?

And also, I saw in the htaccess file gzip compression is activated. Could it be part of the trouble ?

How can I solve it ?

Thanks for your prompt help, my shop is down……


Have you solved this problem?

We haven't encountered this problem but I would recommend you to check if Phar extention is enabled on your server. It should be enabled. One of our clients had a problem with the storefront because of this.

Best regards, Alt-team

thanks for your reply.

The only solution is a website restore.

About the sever, I'm not allowed to modify parameters…

But I'll ask them if Phar extension is enable or not.