Novice user suggestions

I’m a brand new user so although my observations about improvements may be caused by my own ignorance.still I think you could benefit from my point of view as you would want your software to be intuitive and easy to use for the brand new user…:slight_smile:

One confusing thing about your application…please look at Orders>Order Info. At the bottom of the Customer Info area you have the ability to “Disable” or “enable” Communication. Ok, as a first time user I see this is a way to communicate with the customer…but when you choose “Enable” or “Disable” you must click on “Update” to make the change…and then an invoice is automatically sent to the customer…why? You dont want another invoice sent…youve already sent whatever invoice status changes you have made…so this just sends another unwanted invoice to the customer. The fix is to make enabling this ’ Communication" a separate function from sending off another customer update. Also, when you “Add” another Message you have another button at the bottom that says “Update” to add to the list of messages. This button should say simply “Send to customer”…its confusing as you have that other “Update” button up top that sends copies of invoices off to the customer…this lower Update button merely sends the message…so why not say so…these kind of things are confusing and cause me the user to have to diddle and diddle to try to see exactly what happens during these processes…anyway…just my two cents worth:-)

Even more irritating when you edit an order and it re-sends the invoice.

cs has addressed the situation and has included notify customer checkboxes and on all relevent pages…

excellent…thanks for the responses:-)