Novalnet Payment Module for CS-Cart

This module allows you to use various payment methods on your CS-Cart online shop.

NOVALNET is a leading worldwide payment service provider and provides payment processing around the globe by using a single account for all kinds of necessary payments.

Our goal is, instead of a “one size fits all” product, to provide an individual and all-inclusive Service which covers all requirements of your payment department such as Payment processing, Fraud Prevention, Subscription & Member Management, Affiliate System and collection clearing and technical department.

This easy to install payment module plugin consists of the following payment types:

  • credit card 3d and non 3d processing
  • online transfer
  • German direct debit
  • Austrian direct debit
  • Prepayment
  • invoice receipt
  • Paypal

    [color=#00669D]Current Novalnet payment module version : [/color]1.0.3

    [color=#00669D]Compatible with CS-Cart versions : [/color]2.1.2, 2.2.3,2.2.

    Please contact us on or visit our Website: if you have further queries.

    You can also download our leatest our payment modules here:

    CS-Cart - Novalnet

    Kind Regards,

    Novalnet Team

Hey, I am just mailing with you guys.

Is there any news about a cs-cart 3 ultimate compatible module (or maybe this one already works)?

I can certainly say you offer a lot of payment methods, perfect for the EU.

Can I manually send out invoices so users can pay with paypal etc?

I would be interested in a module for CS-Cart 3 Ultimate if it allows all SEPA payment methods.

@ parodius420: Thanks for writing. Could you please elaborate on you requirements? This way I can fwd the questions to the technical team and get back to you.

@ P-Pharma & Flow: We are currently checking the compatibility of our modules with CS-Cart 3. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for the feedback!


Novalnet Team

I do not do business with paypal, as I think they are an evil company…but of course they are one of the most used companies out there. If someone makes a purchase off my website, can they pay through you all with paypal, and then you all deposit the money into my bank account (same with credit cards as well). If so, is there an option with your services for me to manually send out invoices as well for payments?