"Notify Me" when item is in stock - v3

Is there a mod out there for when an item is out of stock, a customer can use a “Notify Me When In Stock” option, that they can enter their email etc, and when I put an item as in stock, it will email them and let them know? Thanks

Isn't that option there anymore? I already have this in 2.24

You have to turn it on on the product page (per product)

Deleted since not relevant to version 3.x

i think not that this deletet =


{if $auth.user_id eq 0}

value="{if $product_notification_email != ''}{$product_notification_email}{else}{$lang.enter_email|escape:html}{/if}"
class="input-text cm-hint" disabled="disabled" title="{$lang.enter_email|escape:html}" />


But Works for me now.

Enter Date in Future
Enter quantitiy to [b]zero[/b]!
then works