Notify Customer Box

I have the notify customer box there on invoices and gift certs pages but there is no text next to it that says “Notify Customer” we just upgraded to our current version. If I click it it does notify customer but I would like the text there, is there a way to put it there? Thank you so much for your time.

Could be one of a couple of things. The easiest to check is go into “Languages” and check for the variable “notify_customer”. Of course the value should be “Notify customer”.

If that is okay then the code itself needs to be looked at.

Well it looks like they have changed it in sp4. The variable is “notify_user_force” and the value is “Notify customer (select if you wish to send an e-mail despite order status configuration)”.

The code is 3/4 of the way down in skins/basic/admin/orders_pages/orders.tpl:

```php {include file=“common_templates/pagination.tpl”}



{if 'change_order_status'|fn_check_privileges:true} ```

Sorry for the ignorance but what needs to be changed? Thank you so much for your replies.

i’ll follow up for Tool Outfitters here

In your admin page Go to “Languages” and Search for Pattern:


Make sure the text you want to appear is in the box next to this language variable.

There wasnt one there so I added one and now it says it! You guys are amazing thank you so much! Seriously you guys are such a valuable resource, thank you, thank you.