Notify Admin by email of new registrations

Version 2.2.5

I needed to set up a system for Admins to get a copy of customer notifications when new customer registered and eventually figured it out, due to a combination of several posts from the forum.

If anyone else comes across this, here is what I did …

In core/fn.users.php find this …

// Notify customer about profile add/update

if ($action == ‘add’) {

fn_send_mail($user_data[‘email’], Registry::get(‘settings.Company.company_users_department’), ‘profiles/create_profile_subj.tpl’, ‘profiles/create_profile.tpl’, ‘’, $lang_code);

and below it add this …

// Notify administrator about profile add/update

fn_send_mail(Registry::get(‘settings.Company.company_users_department’), Registry::get(‘settings.Company.company_users_department’), ‘profiles/create_profile_subj.tpl’, ‘profiles/create_profile.tpl’, ‘’, $lang_code);

This sends a copy of the Customers Registration email to the email address(es) listed under Settings: Company → User department e-mail address

Hope this helps someone :)

[Backup first and no responsibility if it goes wrong etc etc]


this exists in version 3.0.2

Thank you Tom. I'll try that in 3.0.2

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this exists in version 3.0.2


What do you exactly mean by this?