Notifications Window Pop-Up


I am moving my sites from X-Cart (started with them in 2004) to CS-Cart (did not like the version 2 yrs ago with no variations). Love the newest version with the variations! Really smart, intuitive, really well thought out! Took me a while to transfer (using mostly .cvs and a lot of tweaking for all the variations) the db from XC to CS... but it's done.

I am up to the latest version (4.7.3) and I cannot believe the developers did not address the "Notification pop-up" window and came up with a smarter and more elegant idea than this &*%$#)*& window in the upper corner anyone can easily miss!! This is a complete disaster. Had the same issue with X-Cart and requested a modification to get a pop-up in the middle of the screen (photo attached).

And in all the hundred of add-ons created no one has come up with one to fix this problem! Totally unbelievable and mind boggling.

Who is with me to request a revision of this nightmare?


Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 11.06.00 AM.png

I am afraid, additional custom development work is also required here


Where can I edit the text of this pop-up window please?

What text do you mean?

Hi eComLabs,

When a user completes the form to become a vendor, a pop-up window appears saying "Your request was successfully added. You will receive the email with the answer later."

I would like to edit this text but don't know where to find it...?

Administration -> Languages -> Translations

Change value of the text_successful_request language variable