Notifications In Selected Currency

Our site has been configured with 2 currencies - USD (designated as primary currency) and CAD. Since we went 'Live', the customers who purchased items after selecting CAD are getting their e-mail notifications showing their order in USD.

Can this be changed so Canadian customers will be notified in CAD? Or at the very least, when a customer completes their check-out in CAD, they, and I would like to know their e-mail will show their purchase in CAD. It would save a lot of confusion for the customer.

FYI - The cart and check-out pages show CAD when it's been selected.

It should work in the described way out of the box since selected currency is stored in database with order data. Try to contact support team with this issue

Thanks eComLabs. There is very little in the documentation on this so your affirmation that it SHOULD be displaying the selected currency in the e-mails is good news. I've asked the question of tech support and am awaiting a reply.

Order based notifications TO THE USER will occur in the currency that was selected when the order was placed. I believe admin will see order notifications in the primary currency of the store.