Notification pdf attachments

Hello people,

is anyone aware of a way to add additional pdfs in the notifications? Not invoices or delivery bills, but pdfs that always relate to the vendor (general terms and conditions, privacy notice, revocation notice).

These 3 pdfs must (according to the law) be attached as a pdf attachment (no link!) in one of the first notifications. Different for each vendor, of course.

What possibility do i have to do this?
I would not mind a snippet that i include like:

{{ __("change_order_status_closed_text", {"[status]": order_status.description}) }}
    {% if company_data.company_id == "3" %}{{("send_attachment3")}}{% endif %}
    {% if company_data.company_id == "4" %}{{("send_attachment4")}}{% endif %}
    {% if company_data.company_id == "5" %}{{("send_attachment5")}}{% endif %}
{% endif %}

I haven’t found any plugin or similar that can do something like this. :roll_eyes:
Which irritates me, since this is actually an old law :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I am afraid the requested changes will require significant code changes, so you might want to hire a developer that will help you in achieving this.

May be 3rd party solutions can help you. E.g.