Notification on Order Status change


I'm a bit confused on how the settings for notifying a customer, when the status of an order changes, is set.

Under Order Statuses I can choose to “Notify Customer” if an order is changed to this status.

Also when I change the status on an order there is a checkbox in that menu stating “Notify Customer”

Which one of these options takes precedence?

From what I can tell, the option chosen under Order Statuses does not have an effect. Status emails are only send based on whether or not I check the “Notify Customer” box in the menu on the order.

Is this correct?


There are many things that can cause a notification on an order status change that are not the result of a user (admin) initiated action. The Order Statuses settings are the defaults. But I believe when you have the opportunity to select whether to notify the customer or not, that choice ill have precedence. So if it's unchecked in the menu but checked in Order Statuses, then the menu selection will have precedence.