not installed

I have followed instructions to install cs software

but I have a problem after step 3.3

i have filled out all fields and click on next then it tells me the following

CS-CART is not installed. Please click here to start the installation process: [install]

when I click on install nothing happens

any advice ideas


Ad Jansson

Your config file must have incorrect values, since your URL structure is pointing to - with two or more /install/ values afterwards.

Who are you hosting with? They have a linux system

how to I correct this ??


Ad jansson

In config.local.php in the root of your hosting area (ie. inside the public_html folder), ensure the following value is correct:

$config['http_host'] = '';

Also make sure your file permissions and .htaccess file are intact.

Hi Stellarbytes

I have changed config.local.php

[color=“#000000”]$config[/color][color=“#666600”][[/color][color=“#008800”]'http_host'[/color][color=“#666600”]][/color] [color=“#666600”]=[/color] [color=“#008800”]''[/color][color=“#666600”];[/color]

into [color=“#000000”]$config[/color][color=“#666600”][[/color][color=“#008800”]'http_host'[/color][color=“#666600”]][/color] [color=“#666600”]=[/color] [color=“#008800”]''[/color][color=“#666600”];[/color]

[color=“#666600”]and I have still same problem.[/color]

[color=“#666600”]Could you be so kind to help me with this I can give you my ftp details and details of mysql data as well [/color]

[color=“#666600”]perhaps you have a better change of fixing this let me know and Iwill send details[/color]



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I think this is the problem the OP has experienced, once the necessary database details are entered and Next is clicked, the page begins to loop to again and again until its Not sure why this happens, but I experienced it on one site, which is hosted in the same hosting environment. If I remember correctly, it was a permissions issue.

Jansson, remember to read the install instructions which covers the necessary permissions you require.