Not Inherit Responsive Theme

Hi there,

I have setup a new theme and don't want to inherit from responsive theme at all.

I have left the field empty in the manifest.json

It currently looks like this...

But I still have scripts added to my page as part of addons in the responsive theme files...

Any idea why?

I am running 4.9.3

    "title": "BFA",
    "description": "BFA CS-CART Theme",
    "logo": "media/images/logos/main_logo.png",
    "mail": "media/images/logos/main_logo.png",
    "developer": "Simtech",
    "favicon": "media/images/icons/favicon.ico",
    "parent_theme": "",
    "settings_overrides": {
        "General": {
            "enable_compare_products": false
        "Appearance": {
            "default_products_view": "products_without_options",
            "default_product_details_view": "bigpicture_template",
            "thumbnails_gallery": true,
            "enable_quick_view": false
        "Thumbnails": {
            "product_lists_thumbnail_width": 300,
            "product_lists_thumbnail_height": 300

It seems I was looking at old documentation here,

But it looks like this logic has changed here:

I understand why it is setup to do this, but I can see that the latest paypal addon for CS-CART does not use the recommended smart payments buttons.. it looks like checkout.js is no longer has long term support from paypal.

But I still want the paypal addon enabled, as I want to be able to still accept standard paypal payments at checkout using the standard flow...

Anyone have any thoughts around this?

Only option I currently see is to add an empty hook in my parent theme to make sure that responsive doesn't have its way...

Not sure why you would want to prevent addons from being included on your site when they are installed. That's one of the nicer things about that environment is that themes will inherit from responsive if the templates/hooks do not exist in the custom theme. But I'm sure you have your reasons. But I'd be interested to know what they are.... Inquiring minds, ya know?

In this case, only because the in context checkout script that comes with the latest version of the PayPal add-on is outdated… See my last post…

For now, I just created an empty file in add-ons/PayPal in my theme … I have written completely new theme using vue.js which has been interesting, but working quite well…