Not Free Shipping - How To Hide Free Shipping Text?

Our heavy products need a custom freight quote. Created a shipping method called 'Custom Freight' with $0 for all destinations. But, on checkout page cs-cart adds '- Free Shipping' text at the end of the shipping method. I'm guessing I would need to add some decision code in checkout process to not display the text for this shipping method. Any other thoughts to have a zero dollar shipping not be labeled as free?

BTW, I would just change the language translation but we do have free shipping for other products.

Temporary solution:

Add Custom CSS (Design — Themes — Theme editor):

[for=“sh_0_XXX”].litecheckout__shipping-method__wrapper bdi {

display: none;


where XXX is shipping id from Editing shipping method page URL:


Thanks, but by this screen the text is all together, so the entire shipping method text gets hidden.

"Custom Freight Quote Required (7 - 10 days) - Free Shipping"

Found the hook {hook name="checkout:shipping_method"}

inside of views > checkout > components > shipping_rates.tpl

added a decision about line 11 to check the shipping method and hide the zero rate for the NOT free shipping (your shipping method number may be different)

{$shipping.shipping} {$delivery_time} {if $shipping.shipping_id != '1'} - {$rate nofilter} {/if}