Not able to upload files (2.0)

I can’t upload any files. I get an error notification of ‘No file uploaded’ on any attempt. Applies to images, catalogs, etc.

Is this a known issue or have I injected something in the process?


Let me add a little more info… When I try to upload an image there is nothing displayed anywhere and the image is not updated. When I try to import a catalog I get an error notification of ‘No file uploaded’.

And some more info… I know you guys do some renaming of the standard $_FILES array in fn_rebuild_files(). But I can’t see in the page source for admin.php?dispatch=products.update&product_id=1028&selected_section=detailed where you are setting the MAX_FILE_SIZE hidden field anywhere. Could this be what’s preventing me from uploading files?

Hd certainly hoped someone would have seen this issue and been able to provide a suggestion/solution.

I reinstalled everything and still have the exact same problem. Uploading an image generates no notification and no image is uploaded. Trying to upload a catalog generates an error notification of ‘No file uploaded’ which is the $_FILES[error] == 4

Am I the only one on this planet that can’t upload a file? Obviously this is a serious impediment and I’d greatly appreciate any pointers anyone can provide.

There are not errors in the error_log and the access_log looks okay too (POST /beta/admin.php?dispatch=file_browser.browse HTTP/1.1" 200 3 664)

Yes, there are problems uploading. Some I could and others I couldn’t. The ones I couldn’t, I just uploaded manually via phpmyadmin.

[quote name=‘Tool Outfitters’]Yes, there are problems uploading. Some I could and others I couldn’t. The ones I couldn’t, I just uploaded manually via phpmyadmin.[/QUOTE]

Well, I can’t upload a thing… Hence I can’t do any real testing or verification that anything works! VERY frustrating. And the most frustrating part is that there is no access to anyone who really knows. I received an email that said “I exported a catalog and imported it successfully” after I sent my account info. But I see no record of anyone else having accessed my server with the credentials I provided. Hence I’m assuming they did this in their environment which doesn’t help me at all.

I’m beginning to think it is a configuration problem unless I’ve run into another area that doesn’t work. If I select the type of file to upload as ‘server’ and then try to go to the images directory (DOC_ROOT/images)… When I double click the ‘images’ directory in the selection dialog it does nothing. This is without changing a thing other than adjusting the ‘mysql41’ bug.

Since it won’t open the ‘images’ directory I’m thinking there’s something preventing it (unless this is a different bug).

Well I don’t know what to tell you except that there are a lot of bugs that need to be worked out though I don’t think I had as much trouble as you are having uploading.

I have done as much as I am going to do to mine for now until the bugs get worked out and I have other skin options to choose from.

Yeah, I know… I’ve gotten stung by many things and progress (if you can call it that) is painfully slow.

I’m just about ready to simply move on.

I have upgraded to the latest FF and now the downloads work.

I can only believe that it’s an artifact of having run 1.35 and 2.0 in the same browser session. I tend to leave my sessions open for days at time, hence there was probably a cookie that was being used in 1.35 that was left-over that affected 2.0. At least that’s my best guess.