Not Able To Implement Zone Wise Shipping Charges For Multiple Shipping Methods

i have been trying this since long, but able to get thru on my CS-Cart Ultimate v4.2.2

what i am trying to do:

we ship using 4-5 shipping companies and all shipping companies serve different number of zip codes with different zone list and different charges. i want to find a way so that correct shipping charges can be calculated on checkout. also if 1 zip code is served by more than 1 shipping company, then should show all options in the checkout. customer can select whichever he wants.

example: courier A serves 4000 zip codes in India and have divided them in 3 zone categories, zone A.1, zone A.2 & A.3. Similarly courier B serves 10,000 zip codes and have them divided into 4 zones, zone B.1, B.2, B.3 & B.4. all zones again have different charges.

Remember that zip codes inside each company zone wise list are also not same. means courier A might have zip 10001 in zone A.2, and courier B have this zip 10001 in zone B.4 & also possible that courier C does not serve this domain in any zone.

what i have tried already:

I tried to do this using locations. but problem is that it just shows the 1st shipping method and not shows all the possible options. means if zip 10001 is listed in courier A, zone A.2 and in courier B zone B.3, then it should show option for both the shipping companies with there corresponding charges in the checkout page. But using locations, it only shows courier A, and not courier B. Also clarified by about this feature here : [url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

“NOTE: If geographic areas (states or countries) of location zones intersect each other, then the one with more precise location conditions will be used for a customer on checkout. For example, if both of the following locations include the customer's address: USA + Maryland, USA + All states - the first one will be used.”

Now, how can i calculate exact shipping cost using this data? and show all possible courier companies to my customers at checkout page for there zip code.

i am ready to pay if someone have a mod for this too…

Naman Agarwal

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