Noob Shipping/taxes Question

Hi, Im using the demo version of CS-Cart now and I like the look of it so far. I have a couple of questions in regard to the taxes and how they are setup;

  • can i create a tax for one country thats included in the product price by default; but if a customer registers/checks out from another country they view the prices ex tax?

  • similar to the above question, if a user chooses their currency to shop, can i automically show all product prices ex tax if the chosen currency does not fall into the designated tax zone?

    I was thinking that this is achieved by localization, is this correct?

    Oh, and one last question, Ive setup a few currencies with different rates, when i switch to a currency other than the default, im suddenly seeing two prices next to every product; the base currency and the chosen one. Is it possible to change this setting to show only the users chosen currency?