Non Landing Page Redirect

GT metrix gives me this below, anyone know why, i have checked .htaccess but dont see any 301



[color=#436688][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif][size=3]

To speed up page load times for visitors of your site, remove as many landing page redirections as possible, and make any required redirections cacheable if possible.[/size][/font][/color][list]

[*][url=“”][/url] is a non-cacheable redirect to [url=“”][/url]


hi John,

redirect from www to non-www is usually set in redirect rules of hosting/server control panel so please check there

best regards,


Hey John, did you figure this one out?

No Jim, I hit a bit of a brick wall and never did go back. Ill look into it tomorrow now I have a reminder

EDIT…just seen this

Hello John,

Please check this topic - Non-Cacheable Redirect ? How To Fix - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

Thank you.