Non existent products Google crawl error

I am getting a lot of crawl erros in webmaster tools and dont know what the products are, the error of 1 of them is like below and all the rest are the same but the product number changes.

I cant find them in admin to delete them cos when I search for “product” or that number nothing appears.I assume the number is the product ref number CS Cart uses.

anyone know what I could do.



edit… And when I look in the DB at product id, it seems not to have any of thes “rogue” ones in there> It jumps from 8001 to 10102??

Do they provide any reference to the source of the 404? I.e. where the link is located that is bad?

Do you have an old sitemap.xml file laying around (either in the root of your store or in your var/cache directory)?

Hi Tony,

Yes they are all 404s and linked from the sitemap and from what looks like the original link that was deleted a long time ago.

for instance the error in webmaster is as this

and when clicking on the link to show where the page is linked from shows as screenshot.

see the screenshot.[attachment=4487:crawl.JPG]

Crawl errors have gone up by another 400 pages today too!

Thanks again



Odd that they would still hold data from a sitemap from Mar-2010…

If the sitemap.xml file still exists, get rid of it.

If you want to pm me your url, I can try to take a quick look. But you're probably as able as I to look at your sitemap file and see if the reference is still there. If not, you might want to tell Google to re-index you.

Yeah, thanks Tony. None of these links are in the sitemap at all, and Google tells me it has the sitemap from yesterday.

I will do what you said and see how that goes.