Nochex integration

Your boring questions… sigh been there done that.:stuck_out_tongue:

  1. NoChex I don’t use as I’m an Aussie

  2. Intergration should be simple as there is already a gateway setup for it

  3. You’ld need to waut roughly 24 hours to get your download link, stops fraudulent credit card transactions, licence implemenation and support period activation (Boring admin stuff overall)

  4. I would believe that you’ld simply need to move the files over from the demo to the new one

  5. There are numerous free mods and currently contributive developments that are being created in the interests of various users. Attempting to be part of this makes it worthwhile for every one and I’m sure that you’ll benefit from Dynamic Tabs anyway. (Thread : Next Mod)

  6. Again helpdesk will take a little while to activate.


    Jesse-Lee Stringer