Nochex - Failed orders

I just have my first order where someone selected Nochex as a payment processor.

Unfortunately, the order was marked as “Failed”, even though payment was received.

Any idea why this might have happened?

I had this issue and contacted CS Support.

It ended up that I solved the problem myself, so heres my clipping from my support chat…


Ive had a long look at the nochex.php file and think I have found a possible problem ?

In this line :

$pp_response[‘order_status’] = ($result == ‘AUTHORISED’ && $order_info[‘total’] == $amount) ? ‘P’ : ‘F’;

If I remove the amount checking so it reads just

$pp_response[‘order_status’] = ($result == ‘AUTHORISED’) ? ‘P’ : ‘F’;

It seems to work ok, obviously its now not checking what they paid is the correct amount but I think

with nochex, even if you pass a value in USD rather than convert it to GBP it just inserts it…

i.e $20 USD passed to nochex becomes �20 GBP so when passed back to cs-cart the amount will differ.

I think in the nochex module if you could devise a line of code to automatically convert to UK currency

as nochex is for UK only this could work, other than that I think removing the amount option from the code

will work fine too, just means the user has to check the transaction amount they receive matches the order value.


You’ve come to my rescue again! Thanks mate!

I only use one currency though… :slight_smile:

I had this also, it turned out that Nochex thought the customers IP Address was from France not UK.

The real reason was that I had not set up the APC URL in my Nochex control panel. I assumed that CS-Cart was passing it as a variable, but this was not the case.

All works OK now :slight_smile:

I’m getting this bug as well. Tried your fix SWS but that didn’t work. Also, in the Nochex control panel, I can’t find any reference to an APC url…

[quote name=‘David’]I’m getting this bug as well. Tried your fix SWS but that didn’t work. Also, in the Nochex control panel, I can’t find any reference to an APC url…[/QUOTE]

If you have a merchant account, it will be in the “Payments Page Setup”, else you should have a link for “Edit Automatic Payment Confirmation Details” if you don’t then contact nochex support about it.

Thanks for that - I’ve contacted Nochex and they now want to know what the responder URL is - presumably this is

I can’t remmeber exactly, and for some reason I can’t log into my nochex account for the moment, to check. But It has the text “nochex” in the filename. So it’s something like…


Good call getting the APC setup - that’s all it was :cool:

Glad I could help :grin:

Hi All,

New to the forum but have been using CS-Cart for a while now, a couple of questions about the problems in this thread.

Has this problem been sorted in 1.3.5 SP1? - I am using this version but wondering if I may need a reinstall, my current skin is so heavily modified that I really do not want to have to go down the reinstall route though.

Also does anyone know what the cancel URL and Success URL should be set to?

I am getting all of the above problems and more with NoChex, I have a high failure rate and also quite a lot of transactions left open because for some reason payment is not going through at all, having contacted Nochex they cannot even see people attempting payment on the dates that I give them that customers have attempted to pay by CC.

Also after adding the APC URL I am not receiving any order confirmation from CS-Cart but the payment has been made.



Quick Update:

I have set the success URL to the nochex.php page and that seems to have worked on setting the order to processed on successful payment, however I am still not getting an order confirmation - anyone have any ideas at all ?

Cancel URL:


Call Back URL:


Success URL:


If the orders are being left open then the customer is closing their browser and not going through with the order. If they press “cancel” they will be returned to your site with an order status of “Failed”, if they pay for the order they will be returned with an order status of “Processed”.

You should they get an order confirmation from the cart and a payment confirmation from Nochex.

Hi Baballuci,

Thanks for the URLs, hopefully this will fix the problem.

I was in a situation where even paid orders were not registering as processed but I did not have that success URL I had the nochex.php one which may have been causing the problem and I am also hoping this is why both the customer and I were not getting order confirmations (we were ofcourse getting the nochex confirmation though).

Thanks again, I will let you know how it all goes.



Sorry to dig this thread up again but on a clean install of 1.3.5 sp3, I’m experiencing the same problem. Everything looks good on the Nochex side with payments going through successfuly but the site still reports it as a failed transaction.

Any clues as to what’s causing this?

I’m really struggling with this. The failure point seems to be that is re-directing to this URL

and displaying on the page…


Unfortunately we cannot locate this page for you.[/COLOR]

Nochex tells me that is why the site reports back the payment failed. Where do I go to fix this?

Do you have the URLs setup as above?

[quote name=‘baballuci’]Do you have the URLs setup as above?[/QUOTE]

The actual domain is

The failure point is Loading...

I mean’t do you have the CANCEL, SUCCESS and CALL BACK URLs setup correctly in your Nochex Admin Panel?

[quote name=‘baballuci’]I mean’t do you have the CANCEL, SUCCESS and CALL BACK URLs setup correctly in your Nochex Admin Panel?[/QUOTE]

Hi Charlie,

Sorry. Yes I do. I have spoken with Nochex technical support & they have verified that the setup their side is correct & that the problem lies within CS-Cart.