No Way for customer to request a return

I have been searching for a way for the customer to request a return on site. The RMA instructions only refer to actions after a return has been registered. I also do not see a way for me to register the return request for the customer. I have set up a form for the customer to use, but the actions on the form do not register on the site.

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I'm pretty sure all of your users will have to register to do a return request. We just switched to this on our sites for this reason and others.

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I have tried to “Act on behalf of” a registered customer to request a return. I don't see a way. When I search for the order they placed, to return, I only get a search for returns that have already been registered. When I Click on “Orders” I get a list of orders that the customer placed. But there is no way for the customer to request to return anything. OHave you added some functionality or am I missing something.

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I just saw on the CS-Cart website a Feature called “Return Management” . I am running 2.2.5 and do not have this. Do you have this on your site?


I don't recall if all these controls were in place in v2, but in v3:[list=1]

[]The RMA addon has to be Installed and Active in the Addons menu.

]You have to set the RMA options for each product, the option is under the Addons tab, in each product's details.

[*]You define which Order Statuses allow returns in the admin's Order Status details options. By default, the Completed status should at least allow returns. At the Status level you can allow returns for orders that have not even shipped yet and in that way, allow the customer to use the Return process to partially cancel an order.


In your store, you should see the return period in the product's details, and a link to request a return for any order that has an Order Status that allows returns, and has returnable products in it.

BTW, return eligibility information and the return period for a product is stored in the order data. It is not applied retroactively to orders placed prior to a return period being set up for a product. Updating existing order with a return period for the products in the orders is possible with a dabase query, but it is a hassle.

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I have the RMA addon activated. All of my products are marked to enable returns in the details of all products addons. I use two status'-Processed when an order is received and Complete when an order is shipped (if it is shipped complete, which all are so far). Both status' are marked to allow returns.

In my store the return period is stated but there is no link to request a return. My site is

I see a screen shot of the"order management" feature on CS-CART website [url=“”][/url]

This is not what I have. I guess you do with 3.0.6. Did you have this before?

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If you have access to the database, look at an order and find the Return Period.

In v3, this data is in the cscart_order_details table, in the 'extra' field.

In that field along with a bunch of other information about the product in the order, there is this:


This is determining the return period as 30 days for this product.

See if you can find the return period defined for each product in an order in your version. Looks like you have your period set to 10 days.

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I looked at the data base . However I don't see 30 days or even my 10 days. I see "return_period";b:1;s:7:. I don't know what this means. Even so, if I have a 10 day return period for my products should I not have the Return Management feature, I have asked the help desk about this and am waiting for a reply.

Thanks again for your time.

There was a bug in the RMA in v3. I don't recall the bug existing in v2, but the data looks like what I was experiencing. It was fixed in v3.0.4

Here is where I reported it to the bug tracker (it includes a fix for v3):


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I Really am waiting on response from the help desk. I am not technically sufficient to deal with the backend. Everything that needs technical assitance I ask them to do for me. I am only one person and am trying to deal with the SEO end and marketing. This stuff takes too much of my time. I understand why companies have IT personell. At some point I will have to look for some outside contracter or something but not at this point. I see that these programs are so complicated that not every one is knowledgeable about the ramifications of the slightest change. The knowledge base is really insufficient for people like me and if they want to sell to people who want to be in business and can't deal with the technical adjustments needed at times, The knowledge base needs to be greatly expanded.

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.